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Landscape Architecture Approach

Designing spaces for people

Landscape is a canvas… an opportunity to create a sense of place, foster community interaction, invent moments and memories for the people using a space.

Our designs are intentional, focused on creating beautiful environments and human connection.

We create spaces that are social. Paths can be narrow, forcing interaction. A seat can be a café or a gym, or a moment of reflection, to take in the scenery, to enjoy the place.

Our designs draw out the environmental factors that make a space so unique. We want users to fully experience the space’s story and all its character.

In every landscape, we create a variety of experiences. To create quality external environments that are exciting and improve the quality of life of the individual using them – that is our mantra.

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We design with the end-user in mind. First up, we identify their diverse needs, wants and what they value. This determines what we prioritise within the space. Our approach allows landscape spaces to be adapted to meet the needs of a changing resident population over time.

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We work with our clients. We listen to what you want to achieve and respond, applying our core competencies, to maximise value to a project. We maintain long term relationships with our clients, and drive successful project outcomes.

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Our experienced Landscape Architects investigate existing social, ecological, and environmental conditions in the landscape, and develops design interventions to produce a desired outcome.



Our team of Landscape Architects specialise in the planning, design and management of public, communal and private places. The scope of our work extends to include site planning, landscape master planning, landscape design, stormwater management, environmental restoration, parks and recreation planning, green infrastructure, and residential estate planning and design. The focus of our service is to achieve the environmental, social-behavioural or aesthetic outcomes that our clients seek.


We are skilled in the Urban Design process of designing and shaping the urban fabric of cities, towns, neighbourhoods and streets. Our team considers the connection between people and place, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric. We bring a strong understanding of place making, physical geography, social science and an appreciation for real-estate development and urban economics as we create places that marry nature, urban activities and the built form.

A selection of our work
Brisbane City Council Chermside Community Hub

Brisbane City Council Chermside Community Hub

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Carrara Gardens Golf And Tennis Academy

Carrara Gardens Golf And Tennis Academy

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QUT Gardens Point Road Entry Upgrade

QUT Gardens Point Road Entry Upgrade

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Beau Hilliar, cactus hill

Design Director


It’s blooming Easter!

It’s blooming Easter!

Easter has snuck up on us quickly! We sat down with Design Director, Beau Hilliar today to see what he was up to over the Easter break. After just moving house, he will be setting up home and sourcing some lush indoor plants to create his own sub-tropical haven. Over your Easter break if you too are…

Benefits to building green into our city.

Benefits to building green into our city.

As designers, developers, and property professionals work toward embedding green into our city, and buildings celebrate the role of landscape architecture, the community will enjoy the many benefits of enriching our urban biodiversity by building green into Brisbane. Landscape architecture has never been more integral to sustainable urban growth and quality of life in bursting…

Buildings that Breathe.

Buildings that Breathe.

It was inspiring to hear about the vision for Brisbane at the Buildings that Breathe event, held at AIA’s head office. The recent release of the draft Buildings that Breathe Design Guide, establishes a bold vision to incorporate subtropical building design across south east Queensland, helping shape a more vibrant, organic Brisbane city. This inspiring benchmark…

We're big on Trust

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)

Cactus and Hill Design Director, Beau Hilliar is a registered member of AILA. Our designs comply with current codes and regulations.


Cactus and Hill is prequalified to provide services to the Queensland Government with a “PQC Level 2” rating.


Cactus and Hill has Public Liability, Products Liability, Professional Indemnity and Work Cover Insurances.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 

Our Design Director, Beau Hilliar is a seasonal lecturer at QUT.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and develop lasting, impactful, iconic external environments. Our aim is to create a sense of place, embrace local culture and lifestyles, and forge a sustainable legacy.
We want to enrich everyday life, and see people interact with and enjoy the external environments we create.

Our Vision

To make an impact Australia-wide through the creation of landscapes and other designs, which shape the urban fabric of cities and towns and enrich everyday life.

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