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It’s blooming Easter!

It’s blooming Easter!

Easter has snuck up on us quickly! We sat down with Design Director, Beau Hilliar today to see what he was up to over the Easter break.

After just moving house, he will be setting up home and sourcing some lush indoor plants to create his own sub-tropical haven.

Over your Easter break if you too are looking to re-energise your living or office space, Beau always recommends introducing living plants to help create comfortable spaces that you enjoy using. Not only does it create a beautiful environment, but also provides proven health benefits, such as air purification, stress relief and they even say an increase in productivity.

Beau’s advice is to, “Firstly, pick the space you want to transform into a leafy, green area and consider the level of light.”

  • Bright light – a space that receives full sunlight for most of the day, this could be a a window ledge or doorway
  • Medium light –  a space that receives natural light for most of the day, such as on a desk or kitchen counter
  • Low light – On the floor or in a space with limited natural light

Okay, now you’re ready to pick a leafy new companion from Beau’s top four low-maintenance indoor plants.

  1. Fiddle leaf fig plant
    Fiddle Leaf Fig. Image Source: BlogLovin.

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

Known for its magnificent, leathery green leaves the Ficus lyrata adds an on-trend, tropical touch to any space.

This plant will thrive in bright to medium light surrounded by a cool air temperature (averaging 20ºC), and when the soil surface dries out between watering. So water this one no more than once a week.

This plant will grow and grow! So be sure to prune the stem to the desired height.





Zee Zee plant. Image Source:
Zee Zee plant. Image Source:

2. Zee Zee Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or the ‘eternity plant’ puts up such a fight it may outlive us all! With its thick leaves and hearty stem, this little fellow is destined for a busy home or office and must be the most stress-free plant on the market.

This plant will thrive in low light and down-right neglectful conditions. You can let the soil surface dry out between watering, so water no more than once a week.

This plant will grow slow and steadily, so be sure to purchase at the desired size.

(NOTE: This plant is toxic when ingested, keep out of reach of animals and hungry people).


  1. pothos plant - landscape Architect
    Golden Pothos. Image Source:

    Golden Pothos

The Epipremnum aureum ‘or Marble Queen’  as it is rightly named not only flaunts striking variegation on its leaves, but also purified the air in its environment by removing harmful toxins emitted from the carpet, air-conditioning, walls and other inhabitants.

This plant will thrive in any level of light, making it the perfect desk or bathroom plant. If the soil surface remains moderately dry, by only watering sparingly it will grow nicely. So water this one no more than once a week.

This plant will grow up to three metres long, so Beau suggests hanging it from a doorway, or letting it cascade from window ledges and furniture.


  1. Bird of paradise plant - Landscape Architecture
    Bird of Paradise. Image Source: Pinterest.

    Giant White Bird of Paradise

Identified by its outstanding foliage, the Stelitzia nicolai is an Aussie favourite for an indoor space.

This plant will thrive in maximum light, with at least six hours of full sun and a preferably humid air temperature. During cool months the plant will stay green but will not bloom. In warmer months the plant will bloom. Water this one once or twice a week, to keep soil moist.

This plant will grow to a height of around one to two metres (indoors) and have a proportionate spread of leaves.



This Easter break, we hope you enjoy beautifying your home or office space. Robust, deep green leaves, alongside delicate florals and cascading, tumbling vines will transform your space into a tropical haven, befitting southeast Queensland. But be sure to arrange all of these durable plant varieties by their lighting needs and cluster them together wherever possible for an even more dramatic effect.

If you’re in need of further inspiration or tips for planting, drop us a line at

From all of us here at Cactus and Hill, we would like to wish you a very happy Easter! We hope you stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors over the Easter long-weekend.