Nerang Service Station

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Artists Impression of Nerang Service Station.
(Image Source: Cactus and Hill)

Nerang Service Station


March 2015




Landscape Architectural Services

As part of servicing Brisbane and nearby cities, Cactus and Hill were approached to provide landscape architectural services for a project in Nerang on the Gold Coast, Queensland in March of 2015. The project involved servicing Nerang Service Station, a vital facility in a growing area of the Gold Coast. The focus of the design was to maximise the physical and visual amenity of the commercial development. The client’s objective was to increase visitors and traffic to the development. To address this, Cactus and Hill’s strategy involved the positioning of trees, and planting to enhance viewing of the service station facilities. It also involved strategic positioning of commercial signage to provide a pleasant streetscape for patrons to enjoy.

The contemporary design softened the built form with planting which provided shade and sun protection. The planting character and the provision of street trees drew on the development context, grounding the site by linking to the surrounding suburban landscape. Integral to the client’s needs during development was a planting design informed by CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) principles. The visual effect on design is the creation of sight lines which allow for casual surveillance into the Service Station Area from the site.

Our team’s cohesive landscape design has been successful in delivering important facilities that will be inviting to patrons and commercially viable to the client. This project is currently ongoing.

To view the project location, click here 2 Riverview Rd, Nerang QLD 4211.

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