Burleigh Waters Childcare Centre

landscape architecture
Artists Impression of Burleigh Waters Childcare Centre.
(Image Source: Cactus and Hill)

Burleigh Waters Childcare Centre


March 2015




Landscape Architectural Services

At Cactus and Hill, we believe it is through playful interaction that children encounter, explore, experiment, negotiate, take risks and develop understandings of their physical, social and cultural environments.

Our Landscape Architecture services for Burleigh Waters Childcare Centre, Queensland, centred on a strategy to initiate playful interactions. The centre cares for children aged six weeks to five years and also offers After School Care for children who attend Caningeraba State School.

Our team created a space that provides opportunities for exploration, imaginative play, education, and interaction while incorporating both active play and passive play for this age group. Our design creates exciting levels and platforms for play by introducing terraced retaining walls. The design defines three terraces, with an Upper Terrace which allows for climbing and circulation, and acts as lookout space; a cosy Middle Terrace which encourages sitting, resting and chatting; and an open Lower Terrace which services as a play space for ball games or a performance stage (amphitheatre style).

To connect the terraced play spaces, an enclosed slide leads from the cubby house to the lower terrace, and a sloping bank connects the lower terrace to the upper terrace to craft an informal circuit. New planting areas have also been included, creating opportunity for sensory play and productive garden planting.

Our design delivered a space that this age group will want to spend time in, that is worthy of asking mummy for “five more minutes” in. Most importantly, our team is passionate about ensuring that future generations are off to a great start with the interactive environments we create.

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