Catalyst Church, Brassall

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Conceptual Design of Catalyst Church, Brassall.
(Image Source: Cactus and Hill)

Catalyst Church, Brassall


August 2014


Smith Architects


Landscape Architectural Services

Landscape Architecture services were provided for Catalyst Church, a vibrant, growing community of people in the suburb of Brassall, Ipswich. The design considers the industrial heritage of the site and its built architectural form. The landscape design also embraces the use of rustic and raw materials and finishes. This takes the shape of recycled wharf timber beams as seats, recycled crushed concrete gravel, and natural stone throughout the area.

Considering the overall purpose of the property, the “Heart” was designed as a central space to allow for welcoming and gathering. The central space was designed to be a thriving area within the site, and promote interaction and exchange. The space supports a variety of activities and functions, whilst at the same time being robust and durable. Permanent and temporary seating opportunities allow for large and small gatherings, creating space for visitors to stay and spend time.

The key to design success in this project was the manner in which the landscape architecture compliments the built form and integrated into the surrounding natural environment. Cactus and Hill’s design successfully met the client brief and ultimately creates areas for visitors to stay and spend time.
The project was completed in August, 2014.

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