Turton Street Townhouse Development

landscape architecture
Conceptual Design of Turton Street Townhouse Development.
(Image Source: Cactus and Hill)

Turton Street Townhouse Development


April 2015


Bureau Proberts


Landscape Architectural Services

The Landscape Design Architects at Cactus and Hill were engaged to provide services for the Turton Street Townhouse Development, soon to become a vibrant residential community in Sunnybank, Queensland.

Our team had a vision and worked tirelessly to create a design that established an arrival experience and a destination for communal outdoor utility, evoking relaxation and promoting passive recreation. The design intentionally provides subtle separation between the two areas using juxtaposed planting palettes, materials and finishes, to enhance the experience within each space.

A contemporary atmosphere of hardy planting species in diverse shades of green, with variations of texture, leaf shapes and plant form, also provide harmony through a minimalist design approach. The design included a balance between height and depth, using rich green climbing vines and sprawling, lush, ground-covers. The striking architecture is enhanced through the landscape design, which softened edges and embodied the built form, blurring the distinction between hardscape and softscape elements.

Cactus and Hill adhered to a design strategy that aligned with the client’s overall goal of increasing property appeal and value for sale. We are confident that residents and visitors of the Turton Street townhouse development will experience a meaningful connection to the outdoor environment.

Cactus and Hill are enjoying working with Bureau Probert’s in delivering this project.

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