Waterloo Hotel, Mixed Use Development

landscape architecture
Artists Impression of Waterloo Hotel.
(Image Source: Cactus and Hill)

landscape architecture
Conceptual Design of Waterloo Hotel.
(Image Source: Cactus and Hill)

Waterloo Hotel


September 2014




Landscape Architectural Services

Cactus and Hill provided Landscape Design services for the Waterloo Hotel, a new, boutique, mixed-use development in Cleveland. This stunning development includes hotel apartments and ground floor retail tenancies.

The Landscape Architectural design strategy responds to the client’s need to increase patronage to the development. Combining modernity and sophistication, the design includes defined hotel entry and a quality arrival experience, as well as improved streetscape appeal. The design maximises direct visual and physical access opportunities, to further integrate the hotel within the Cleveland Town Centre.

To encourage visitors to stay, dine and shop in the retail spaces, the design invokes a sense of ‘comfort’ through climatic consideration and in-built furniture. Planting and trees improve micro-climate conditions all year round, allowing for warming winter sunlight, while providing shade from the summer sun in the dining and retail areas.

A site-specific language of materials and planting promotes the connection of the hotel to its location within Moreton Bay, and integrates the development within the surrounding natural environment. The contemporary use of materials and iconic native vegetation-screened boundaries also softens the built form.

We believe our team delivered a landscape design outcome which embodies a comfortable and functional space, creating a place where people will choose to stay.
Currently this project is in the Design Development stage.