Linton front Landscape Architectural Services
Artists Impression of Linton Apartments, Kangaroo Point.
(Image source: Quantum Group)

linton landscape architectural services
Artists impression of Linton Apartments, Kangaroo Point.
(Image source: Quantum Group)

Linton Roof Landscape Architectural Services
Artists impression of Linton Apartments, Kangaroo Point.
(Image source: Quantum Group)

Linton Apartments




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Landscape Architectural Services


Linton is a vibrant residential apartment building which successfully combines residential, commercial and retail uses. The mixed use development is 140 dwellings and is positioned in Woolloongabba, a suburb which is quickly becoming a thriving city fringe hub for hipsters in south east Queensland. Our goal is to craft a unique development, promoting retail activities within the building and enhancing the lifestyle of residents.

Our team responded to the client’s brief by exploring then target users and crafting a design response accordingly. The ground level and streetscape creates a desirable retail and commercial environment, the level eight terrace includes a recreation pool and sun lounging area, whilst the rooftop is divided into a communal recreation terrace and public access rooftop bar. The rooftop becomes a desirable environment, providing respite from the busy urban environment at ground level.

A lush landscape character was created, through a landscape planting palette inspired by the south east Queensland rainforest, which can be seen in the different levels and rooftop spaces of the development. Supporting the architectural intent, the landscape reinforces the primary entry and exit points of the building and softens the built form.

Spaces are climatically-responsive, balancing heat, cold, sun, glare, shade and wind. In the common areas, such as the rooftop space, the design aims to ensure regular use by residents and visitors through improving micro-climatic conditions, creating functional and desirable environments.

Our design helps to create a highly marketable development, appealing to potential buyers looking for a lifestyle investment.

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