Mudgeeraba Childcare Centre

Mudgeeraba Childcare Centre


April 2015




Landscape Architectural Services


Cactus and Hill were appointed to provide Landscape Architecture services for a Childcare Centre in Mudgeeraba, nestled within the Gold Coast hinterland. The centre caters for children aged from 15 months to 5 years, and also offers Before and After School Care and Vacation Care for children up to 12 years of age.

Cactus and Hill recognised the important experiences and growth that happens during the early years of a child’s life, and the role that play time and outdoor interaction plays in nurturing that development. Young children learn through the many sensory experiences that connect them to the physical environment, to others, and to themselves. Our design had to cater for children from very early ages up to 12 years for vacation care. The design incorporated a new journey within the landscape, through the introduction of a pathway that used a variety of ground surface textures to spark an imaginative journey. This connects the various elements within the play environment to the child’s tactile senses and provokes the imagination.

The unique topography for the play space provided opportunities to integrate play within the hillside. Opportunities for active play, performances and seating are all provided on the sloping bank, creating purposeful activities on an otherwise unused part of the playground.

Planting is used as screening fences, softening the extent of hardstand, and to introduce natural, living elements for a sensory explosion of colours, textures & fragrance. Our design includes “Deep Green” where planting is clustered in defined zones, to provide greater impact and ensuring planting is easier to maintain. Hardy yet soft tufting grasses, such as Pennisetum, will add colour, height, and will sway in the wind, creating a unique feature in this space.

We believe the construction of the design will help create an environment that is conducive for children to grow, learn and play.

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