Pacific Fair Laneways Revitalisation

Photo of Broadleaf Plant. (Image Source: Cactus and Hill)
Photo of Broadleaf Plant.
(Image Source: Cactus and Hill)

Pacific Fair Laneways Revitalisation




AMP Capital


Landscape Architectural Services

Pacific Fair will be transformed into a world-class shopping destination with a major $670 million redevelopment that commenced in January 2014. This investment will create the largest shopping centre in Queensland and the fourth largest in Australia.

AMP Capital selected Cactus and Hill to provide services to the revitalisation of Pacific Fair’s laneways. To help promote business growth and increase patronage within the centre, Cactus and Hill’s vision was to ensure these spaces within the precinct were desirable, and encouraged visitors to stay, shop and enjoy.

Our aim is to ensure that the laneways which previously connected spaces, will themselves become destination spaces. To achieve strong visual interest, the design defines the laneways with art, sculptural furniture and lush planting. The design seeks to improve pedestrian comfort through the introduction of rain protection and seating. Walls and structures are softened through the addition of trellis structures and climbing vines. A furniture and material palette of high quality finishes will enhance the overall lux feel.

Cactus and Hill enjoyed helping create an appealing shopping precinct, for local Gold Coast residents and holidaymakers.

For more information, visit the Pacific Fair website.

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